letter from Dame Minouche Shafik - director of the LSE

Dear Stelios,

I trust that you and the family are well?  A note of very special thanks you for making arrangements for us to meet with Nikos and Marios in Athens and Cyprus and to see more of the important work of the Stelios Foundation.  It was wonderful that they could join us for the ‘in conversations’ and dinners which we held one hosted by Dr Latsis and the other by Stephen Lillie at the British High Commissioner’s Residence.  Lots of engaging discussions across a range of subjects which you would have very much enjoyed.  I know you were with us in spirit!

 We were particularly struck by the work of the Foundation in both places and having the opportunity to meet the teams in each.  The opportunity to walk across the buffer zone and have a tour was extremely interesting and reminded us of the ongoing division and impact which this has on the lives of people. Your work to build bridges between people of both communities is so important in times like these.  I think you may have already seen some photographs from our visit and I will be writing to both Marios and Nikos to send my personal thanks.


 Our time in Athens and Cyprus has enabled us to meet so many interesting and engaging alumni, to share news from the School and hear what they have gone on to do.  We are inspired by them and proud of them all.We had said about meeting April onwards when you return from St Barts, which would be super, and I know that you had also suggested to Helen and Kevin about meeting to discuss the plans for the Hellenic Observatory, which they look forward to doing.  Thank you again for the wonderful support which you continue to give to the School and for the foresight to establish the Stelios Scholarships, sincere thanks to you.




A few Thank You Letters from our LSE scholars

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  • Pergjini Gerti
  • Uddin Ridwan

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